Introducing… Vichy – Idéal Soleil Solar Protective Water

I think the whole world now agrees that SPF is, broadly a good thing. We have a scientifically proven way to prevent burning, premature skin ageing and cancer, so it seems a bit remiss to not bother using it.

liquid spf blush

Yet, still SPF products tend to have a bad rep. They’re usually very much function over form. Sure, they protect, but they’re also thick, white, greasy, cloying and generally unpleasurable to use. Until now.

spf summer face body french

There has been a recent Western innovation in what are termed water SPFs. They’ve existed in Japanese and Korean markets for a while, the most famous being the Biore UV Aqua Rich Watery Essence, one of the most lightweight sunscreens and non-coincidentally, one of the hardest to purchase. At long last, we’ve caught on.

vichy ideal soleil review

One such new launch is the Vichy – Ideal Soleil Solar Protective Water. Housed in a generously sized 200ml spray bottle, this is by far the most lightweight and non-greasy sunscreen I’ve ever tried. It sounds weird to say, but this product is almost ignorable – which, when it comes to factor 30, is no mean feat.

vichy iquid spf review

I think the intended use is over the body, and to be fair, it does a great job there. But what I’ve been mostly loving this ace product for, is for boosting facial sun protection on the go.

vichy review blush london

The product is clear, and the mist is fine, meaning it can be spritzed over makeup without disturbing what lies beneath. It’s great if you’re spending long days outside to make sure your money maker is consistently out of harm’s way. And, although the finish is definitely non-matte, I enjoy the sheeny, hydrated, slightly sweaty vibe it gives.

vichy spf

The Ideal Soleil Solar Protective Water is based around Vichy’s mineral rich thermal water, and has additional hyaluronic acid to make it even more hydrating. On a hot summer’s day when makeup has long since disappeared and skin is looking a little parched; a quick spritz of this, can do both superficial and long-term wonders. What’s not to like?

Annie x

Vichy, Idéal SPF Water , £19, Boots



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