Introducing… Rodin Lipsticks

If you’re a fan of Cool Girls (and let’s face it, who isn’t?) you may be familiar with the original and best, iconic stylist Linda Rodin. Even by looking at her you can tell she’s cool – white hair, oversized glasses, clean skin and neon lipstick is her uniform. Plus, she never got married because she loves her dog too much, which is just great news.



Rodin is a brand based on two things: simplicity and oils. There is a relatively small product range, and all the items are designed to nourish and hydrate. The stand out, for me, are the Luxury Lipsticks.

I love a bold lip, but I really cannot abide the feeling of dryness or discomfort. I think there’s a pernicious myth that in order for a lipstick to last, it must feel like glue, and that really isn’t the case. Rodin’s lipsticks prove my point exactly. They are, quite simply, one of the best formulas I’ve tried. And, excellently, Linda Rodin described the five day-glo shades as “the essentials.”

rodin lip review

The shade range is a capsule collection of supremely Linda-esque shades – not a neutral in sight. The two I have are Tough Tomato, a luminous red-orange, and Billie On The Bike, a jammy, blue toned purple. Each shade is totally beautiful and, by virtue of how wonderfully non-nude they are, will suit all skin tones.


However, the formula is where these lipsticks truly shine. The combination of rose and lavender wax (which boosts longevity) with apricot and argan oils (which add creaminess and nourishment) are scented with Rodin’s signature jasmine and neroli. The result is a lipstick with the staying power of a matte, the comfort of a balm, and the look of juicy, smooth and brightly pigmented lips.


rodin lipstick review blushll

The packaging, too, is some of the best I’ve seen. It’s a multifaceted, clear lucite tube, allowing the stunning shade of the bullet to dominate. It looks both futuristic and somehow timeless. It’s also unlike any other lipstick packaging I’ve seen (and trust, I’ve seen a lot).

rodin lipstick n


These lipsticks are undeniably special – and that’s certainly reflected in their price. If you’re going to buy an amazing lipstick, it might as well be the defining amazing lipstick. And to me, that’s always going to be a Rodin.

Annie x

Rodin, Luxury Lipstick, £28, SpaceNK


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