Introducing… Lipstick Queen – Girls Will Be Boys

Ah, makeup. We all want to wear it, yet we all somehow want to look like we aren’t wearing it. It’s a paradox of the first degree, and possibly rooted in problematic virgin-whore dichotomies and our old fave, unrealistic beauty standards. Essays could be written on the topic. But that’s not what I’m doing today. Instead, I’m talking about a new lipstick launch.


Lipstick Queen are one of the very best brands when it comes to innovative lipsticks. Their Frog Prince and Hello Sailor offerings are two of my very favourite, juicy sheer stains – ideal for “post snogging” lips, aka the very best type of lips. They’re of the colour changing genre, meaning they look a weird shade in the tube but deposit a custom tint on to lips. So, when I saw a new one launching, I wanted in.

Blush London - Review Lipstick Queen - Girls Will Be Boys99D1717D-3F7D-4BF8-AC02-1898D6796AD9

Girls Will Be Boys is designed to be the ultimate no-lipstick lipstick. It is almost like a BB cream for the lips – adding a hint of colour, unifying tone and masking imperfections, while making lips look fuller and softer. It’s basically imperceptible to the naked eye – but just makes you look “naturally” more hot.

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The initial shade is a pale, putty-ish grey, and indeed it does shift to a soft, cool pink post-application. While the “different on everyone” science does seem a little sketchy to me, it certainly is sheer and universal enough to be flattering on any skin tone.  And, oddly enough, I really do notice the “blurring” effect almost immediately. Dehydration lines smooth out, dry patches seem to disappear and everything looks great.

The formula is also designed to hydrate, but doesn’t ever look glossy. Instead, it gives a supremely flattering and natural soft-matte effect. Lips look pillowy, but also like they’re naturally pillowy without the aid of product.

Blush London - Review Lipstick Queen - Girls Will Be Boys37264B25-BA35-4848-9BB1-27B23EBE5011

While the no-makeup makeup battle rages on, I’m still not sure if it’s a positive or negative new beauty ideal. What is great, though, is a product which does what it says and does it right; and that’s exactly what Girls Will Be Boys does. If you like the sound of it, I promise you won’t be disappointed.

Annie x

Lipstick Queen, Girls Will Be Boys, £22, SpaceNK


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