Introducing… Laura Mercier Stick Gloss in Peony

In a world so obsessed with newness, it’s easy for old classics to be forgotten about. Nowhere is this more true than in the beauty sphere. There are some products which I hold dear in my heart and always wonder quite why they don’t get more attention. One such item is the humble Laura Mercier Stick Gloss.

A (somewhat) oldie, but a definite goldie, this is the standard to which I subconsciously hold all sheer lipsticks. The formulation is creamy and hydrating, but never overly slippy.

On the lips, the Stick Gloss really lasts a while, which is always quite surprising for a sheer lip. There is one colour which stands out amongst the rest. I introduce to you, the best not-quite-fair neutral out there: Sheer Peony.

There are a lot of shades which claim to be a ‘90s lip, but to me they’re often far too refined and polished to truly emulate the 90s spirit.

Sheer Peony by Laura Mercier is the ‘90s lip. It shimmers, but in a good way. If you’re a total makeup nerd (naming no names, except for myself), you can think of it as an acceptable update on Rimmel’s Heather Shimmer.

This is the best dark browny-red nude out there. It’s pearlescence, gives lips a fuller, more pouty look. The balmy feel means lips are left smooth and soft; and most importantly, iIt feels authentic, rather than some sort of ‘90s rip off. It’s sexy.

Other great things about the Stick Gloss, include its beautifully compact and understated packaging. You could see why people may overlook it at the counter, but because it’s so good, the Stick Gloss will always be there; and it’ll always, make your lips look good. Never change Stick Gloss. You’re perfect just the way your are.

Annie x

Laura Mercier, Stick Gloss, £17.85, JohnLewis


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