Balmain Back With A Bang For Pre-Fall ’19.

After a couple of seasons off, Balmain is back and better than ever. Perhaps Olivier Rousteing needed a couple of years to recoup, rethink and try some different things. Thankfully, that’s over and his return to form was a stealth one.

For his Pre-Fall 19 show, Rousteing left behind the glitz and glamour associated with his catwalk shows, trading them in for rooftops, a studio and a piece of fabric. For Pre-Fall 19, Rousteing eschewed the spotlight allowing his designs to do the talking; and boy did they.

With party season in full swing, I’ve been frantically googling for an outfit that echoes my mood: a mood of optimism for the new year and full on 80s glamour. Rousteing’s do both.

His references to seasons past still remain, but this time one doesn’t feel as if he is tirelessly churning out bestsellers, for the lack of any better ideas. This felt fresh: looking back on tried-and-tested silhouettes, with an almost romantic Weber-esque lense.

It was romantic, fun and impeccably put together; and I very much look forward to becoming that woman.

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Jamila x

Stuart Weitzman


Fashion Journalist and Beauty Blogger from London

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