Testing the Treatment: Muse Of London #ChocolateCrusade

Superstar Stylist Sophie Emmett, reviews Muse of London’s newest TIGI colour treatment: #ChocolateCrusade

Testing the Treatment: Muse Of London #ChocolateCrusade

A few days before my 30th birthday, I had the ultimate pleasure of having my hair done at the Muse of Londonsalon, which is located in the heart of Oxford Circus.

Testing the Treatment: Muse Of London #ChocolateCrusade
Testing the Treatment: Muse Of London #ChocolateCrusade

Having just launched their Chocolate menu: #Chocolatecrusade, I had the difficult choice of selecting a colour from an assortment of chocolates.

Dark Chocolate, Champagne Truffle, Melted Chocolate Mousse, White Chocolate Praline, Strawberry Ganache and Cinnamon Salted Caramel; not only did they all sound delicious, each reflected rich, glossy autumn winter tones.

I was personally torn between Champagne Truffle and Melted Chocolate Mousse. As someone who was originally a mousey brown and began getting blonde highlights at the age of 16; living in Sydney blonde was always the first choice!

It wasn’t until about four years ago that I was lured to the dark side; and in all honesty being darker is a lot easier for me to maintain and afford.

With this being said, I am headed home to Australia for the New Year and was thinking, perhaps it would be fun to go back down the blonde route and do Champagne Truffle.

After asking a few trusted friends and my mother (as I am indecisive), it was decided that Melted Chocolate Mousse, would be best.

This treatment came at just the right time, as you will see from my picture, my hair was in a state of absolute despair, with split ends, an unplanned 2 colour tone and much to my shock, one whole side of my hair was longer than the other (this was brought to my attention in the appointment).

So, I was very excited to undergo the transformation from drab to fab! The staff in the salon are very friendly. There is very much an atmosphere of freelancers rather than full timers, but you are made to feel comfortable and welcomed by your stylist.

Testing the Treatment: Muse Of London #ChocolateCrusade

First up my hair was coloured and after a wait of about 20 minutes, (that flew past thanks to good magazines and tasty tea,) Deira my lovely hair stylist, gave it a wash, treatment and great head massage.

When it came to the cut I didn’t want too much of my length, so I really appreciated that Deira talked me through the options that were best and was happy to work with me in creating the best length.

Testing the Treatment: Muse Of London #ChocolateCrusade Hair Colour Treatment
Testing the Treatment: Muse Of London #ChocolateCrusade Hair Colour Treatment & Blow Dry Review

In the end, although it looked so much healthier and was glossy, I was a little taken aback about how much of a cherry colour there was in the scalp area.

I think it was the initial colour shock, as it was such a different colour to the one I walked in with; and I have since grown to absolutely love it.

I also have to say how happy I was with the blow dry, that lasted up until my Birthday and looked amazing!! (2 days)

Muse of London Hair salon, which is located in the heart of Oxford Circus.  Blow dry And Colour Treatment

Located on Mortimer Street, Muse of London is perfectly central for those of you having a shopping day, with it only being a 10 minute walk from Oxford Circus. I would highly recommend it for colour, cut and blowdries!!

Sophie x

Cult Beauty Ltd.

Fashion Journalist and Beauty Blogger from London

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