Introducing… Tony Moly – Strawberry 3-Step Nose Pack

Ask anyone (anyone, in the entire world) if they’re bothered by blackheads, and I’m 99% sure the answer will be yes. Primarily because they’re unfathomably difficult to get rid of. Seemingly, we can put a man on the moon and yet not consistently dislodge sebum from our pores.

Like any other pore obsessed gal, I’ve tried the regular old pore strips with little to no satisfaction. For some reason, the pulling out of blackheads onto a sticky sheet just hasn’t ever worked for me. In fact, the only thing that had ever given me any sort of results was due diligence with a clay mask. Until now.

During one of my internet skincare deep dives, I came across the Tony Moly Strawberry 3 Step Nose Pack. Touted as the blackhead strip for those who are resolutely resistant to blackhead strips, I was all in.

So, let’s break down the three steps. The idea is, the first opens the pores, the second sucks them clean and the third closes them again.

The first patch is sort of like a sheet mask for the nose – it’s fabric soaked in serum. The serum is witch hazel-ly and should be left for about fifteen minutes, until it’s basically dry.

The second step is what you’d think of as a traditional blackhead strip. You wet your nose and apply, then wait for it to dry and harden. Then you peel back and look with horror at what you have extracted.

Finally, there’s the pore closing patch. This is quite a similar texture to under eye masks – sort of like a sheet of jelly. It’s extremely soothing and takes down any inflammation or irritation with ease.

The whole process takes the best part of an hour, which is kind of excessive. But you can do other productive things during this hour, like clean your whole flat or watch nearly two episodes of Real Housewives.

And honestly, if you actually want results, it’s worth putting in the time. Not only do pores seem cleared and thus smaller, but the nose is smooth, soft and it’s cheaper than a facial. You can’t really say fairer than that.

Annie x


Fashion Journalist and Beauty Blogger from London

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