Blush Loves – Decorte Skincare

Until recently, all I knew about Decorte was that Kate Moss the face of the brand.

Yet there is much more to know about this low key beauty powerhouse.

Not only is their packaging sickeningly dressing-table worthy, but the luxury Japanese Beauty brand is credited with creating the world’s first serum.

Established in 1970, Decorte is Japan’s best-selling beauty brand; famed for seamlessly combining ancient eastern medicine, with formulas from Nobel prize winning scientists.

I visited Decorte for their press breakfast at London’s leading Japanese restaurant KYUBI. What stood out on the day was the glamorously grown-up packaging and the extent to which the brand’s founders had gone, to source the best of the best ingredients. (Even traversing UNESCO World Heritage site Yakushima Island, for their star ingredient Benifuki.)

But Benifuki, (the legendary Japanese green tea extract,) isn’t the only precious entity sourced for this high end skincare.

There’s Murasakai-cha extract, a purple tea grown in the highest regions of Kenya, specifically designed to thrive under the harshest UV rays. There is also Shirakaba water, packed with revitalising  minerals and amino acids, to intensely nourish skin and boost renewal.

Over the past weeks I have been trying the new AQ Meliority range.

The Intensive Revitalizing Lotion, is a strangely milky in texture, but upon application feels like I have carefully layered 7 serums and lotions. It is such a strange sensation to see a super light liquid, transform my parched complexion into instantly hydrated, plump and supple skin. This for me is the standout product and one that those who try it, won’t be able to resist talking about.

This lotion truly embodies Decorte’s effortless combination of innovation and results.

Not far behind is the Regenerating Eye Cream, which comes cased in a gorgeous crystal topped jar and is something I’ve found myself reaching for more and more over the weeks. It looks extremely creamy, but is extremely light and weightlessly layers on top of serums. This is particularly great at night, making me confident that I’m not overloading the delicate eye area.

For me this is one of the most hydrating eye creams I have tried in a long time and whilst it may not reduce puffiness or claim to give me new eyes, it does really quench my under eye area, and feel like it is visibly repairing skin.

Although this may be an ‘anti-ageing’ centric line, AQ Meliority is a range that anyone would benefit from. The products are lightweight, buildable and truly nourishing to the skin. This is a great range to start using in your early 30s, that will take you all the way through to your golden years.


Prevention is better than cure after all and when it comes to beauty, few do it better than the Japanese.

 Jamila x

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Fashion Journalist and Beauty Blogger from London

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