Blush Loves: Benefit’s Brow Styler

I didn’t know I had basic brows until I tried the Benefit Brow Styler.

It’s not like I didn’t do anything with my brows. I threaded them, brushed and filled them with Benefit’s Precisely My Brow, (or the ABH Brow Wiz) and then set them with the ABH Dip Brow gel. I was under the impression that my brow game was pretty tight, until I tried Brow Styler.

After a traumatic experience shooting for a friend’s magazine, I’d long thought that dark and bold brows weren’t for me; so when I got the chance to try out the new Brow Styler, luckily I didn’t know this is what I could expect.

The dual-ended pen, comes in Benefit’s usual range of brow shades, with a large angled crayon on one end and a doe-foot applicator and powder on the other.

It seemed strange to me that either would be better than my ‘killer routine’, but I was keen to prove myself right.

In order for this to work on my curly brows, they did need a quick brush first, but after that the Brow Styler is all you need.

The large angled nib is extremely smooth and quick to apply. It looks like it would be dry or rigid, but it actually does a lot of work for you (in half of the time a smaller nib, would).


After sculpting and filling the brows, I ventured to the other side to use a little powder. The powder is extremely fuss-free and seems fine and well pressed. It does a great job of creating brows where they might be absent and colour where a little depth is needed.

This second half of the styler, is really where the magic happens and where I’ve seen a structured, bold and face-shaping brow form before my eyes.

This truly is a game changer and the powder is lightweight enough to be brushed through to create an even more natural finish.

If you’ve ever wanted to up your brow game, this is the only place to start.

Jamila x

Benefit, Brow Styler, £28, Benefit

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