Blush Loves… Spectrum Brushes

Makeup brushes are an absolute essential and good ones will transform the application process.

Spectrum Brushes have long been on my radar as an awesome affordable option.

I have long been a fan of their signature pink brushes, which come in extensive kits for affordable prices, so I was thrilled at the launch of their new White Marbleous brush set which is a very dressing-table worthy brush set, that has already made its way onto my vanity.

The White Marbleous kit is an epic 12 piece set of all the brushes you’ll need to do a full face and more.

Priced at £64.99 it is the perfect gift for beginners, makeup addicts, or minimalists who want the fuss free convenience of having all the brushes you need, in one set.

This super soft set of rose gold and white brushes, which come in the most gorgeous pink tube, (that I can’t seem to throw away,) includes five face brushes and seven eye brushes. I’ve been loving the tapered blender, dual brow styler and mini shader, but they are all fantastic and mean that I can finally keep all of my brushes in one place and have a complete set sitting on my vanity.

Every brush is synthetic and cruelty free, which not only means they won’t absorb as much product, but means you can use them without worrying that any animals were harmed for your beauty needs.


Spectrum have also released a gorgeous range of brush soaps, alongside other complementary products. Here’s a few more pieces that caught my eye.


Pictured: White Marbleous 12 Piece Set, £64.99, Spectrum Brushes; Sea Salt and Vanilla Vegan Brush Soap, £16.99, Spectrum Brushes; Zodiac Eyeshadow Palette, £29.99, Spectrum Brushes.


Jamila x


Spectrum Collections






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