Blush Loves… Byredo Makeup

An unexpected newbie to the makeup scene, Byredo makeup has caused quite the storm. The packaging alone is noteworthy, but the lipsticks in particular are quite the unique proposition.

Housed in bi-colour metal, the heavyweight lipsticks read like works of art and are the thing of dreams for any beauty collector.

But what did we expect? Byredo has garnered quite the following for its minimal fragrance offering.

In a sea of star shaped lids and colour gradient bottles, the black domed caps and minimal labelling have created a minimalist movement in the industry and are the perfect antidote to the barrage of bling.

I tested the new makeup line for the Slapp Youtube channel and found myself enamoured with the pigmentation, packaging and colour story.

The Colour Stick is a seemingly simple solution that promises to dress eyes, cheeks and lips; and whilst the pigment and hue are on point, sadly the staying power on the lids does not deliver.

The Lipstick however, proves itself to be the dark horse of this entire line and is undoubtedly the future of where this sister brand lies. The creamy Earth Dust is the perfect mauve nude for all skin tones and as my video demo will attest, truly sings atop a lip liner.

The Byredo makeup line in packaging alone, promises to be the perfect antidote to a saturated landscape and in the case of their lipstick, it doesn’t disappoint.

Jamila x

Shop Byredo at Selfridges.


Fashion Journalist and Beauty Blogger from London

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