The Top Skincare Products for Your 30s!

Recently window-shopping the internet for new skincare products (as I always seem to do,) I came across the new search by age function on the Clarins website.

This genius tool is ideal for those like me that are looking for the perfect products not only for their skin type, but also for their age.

As a 30something I’ve definitely noticed the change in my complexion – hello fine lines, goodbye supple skin.

Whilst the idea of ageing gracefully is one I fully support and aspire to, there’s nothing wrong with slowing things down.

Retinols, Vitamin C and SPFs are essentials over the age of 30, but it’s also the basics that need an upgrade as you age.

So in the name of research, I decided to try a few of the 30s products out and suffice to say, I was floored by the results.

Here are a few of my favourites:

Double Serum (Best 30s & 40s), £58, Clarins

From the moment I applied this, it was love. Clarins’ Double Serum is a genius bi-phase serum formulated with 21 plant extracts to visibly plump, lift and refine skin. The hydrolipidic formula, infused with turmeric, goji berry and horse chestnut, plumped my skin within seconds.

It’s lightweight but truly hydrating and firms and brightens my face like an age repellent hug for my skin.

One pump of this light as air, silky serum glides on and instantly plumps and brightens my skin. The scent is as soothing as a spa and everything you want and expect from high-end skincare.

The packaging is also genius and comes with an adjustable pump to enable you to control your hydration across the seasons – ensuring this radiance boosting beauty is an essential for all year round.

Multi Active Night Cream (Best for 30s), £45, Clarins

A night cream much like reading, is fundamental. And it is imperative (if possible), to alternate between a day and night moisturiser. Since discovering that our skin repairs between the hours of 12 and 2am, I’ve used a night cream.

There’s also something so reassuringly weighty and sensorial about a night cream, that they truly get you in the mood for a great night’s sleep.

I’ve used plenty of night creams that are lovely in the moment, but do little to transform my skin and often have me waking up looking parched. The Multi Active Night Cream is truly the opposite and I’ve truly found that my skin has become softer to the touch. I’ve also found I really haven’t been reaching for my night oils, as it gives the perfect amount of hydration and locks in my serum unlike anything else.

Multi-Active Treatment Essence (30s), £35, Clarins

Perfect for the packaging alone, this hydrating essence has become another fast favourite. Housed in a minimal matte pink bottle, this milky essence is the perfect serum prepper for thirsty skin.

In recent years, I’ve found that my skin needs even more moisture than it used to and adding additional layers like an essence is the perfect way of sandwiching in hydration.

So what is an essence? An essence is a post-cleanse, pre-serum phase originating from K (Korean) Beauty. This phase, used in the well documented ’12 step routine’, is another way of adding hydration to your skin and the tapping motion used to apply it, helps further plump your skin.

Clarins’ answer to the essence is milkier and more hydrating than most, which is really what sets it apart. It is also formulated with Acerola and Teasel to brighten and refresh and still has the slightest tack to give serum something to grip onto.

Hydrating Toning Lotion, £23, Clarins

A lifelong essential that often gets a bad rap, toner is often relinquished to the “what is it and do I really need it” camp of beauty products we’re “sold for no reason”. But I strongly disagree.

Toner is the first stage of skin prep. It provides hydration and is the perfect base for serums and essences to follow.

And there isn’t a one size fits all solution. I have a retinol toner for anti-ageing days, a glycolic toner for blemish days and a regular hydrating toner for every other day (and most importantly the days I want my skin to be active free).

This is where the Hydrating Toning Lotion from Clarins comes in. The packaging is gorgeous, easy to use and the calendula yellow is so uplifting, but what I love most about this Aloe Vera and Saffron infused toner is how kind and hydrating it is on my skin. It’s also extremely refreshing, which is perfect for my more minimal morning routine.

Extra Firming Eye Cream (Best for 40s), £42, Clarins

Another beauty hero that is often overlooked and underrated is eye cream. Perhaps the problem a lot of us have is finding one that is truly great. It is a category that promises so much but rarely delivers, but the Clarins Extra Firming Eye is yet to let me down.

Promising to firm under the eyes and minimise wrinkles, this balm textured eye cream does what it says on the tin and firms the under eye.

Packaged in a chic coral bottle, one pump of this balm-cream hybrid is plenty to tap in under the eye and help firm and fill my under eye area.

Shop targeted skincare for all ages, at Clarins.

Jamila x


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Fashion Journalist and Beauty Blogger from London

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